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Video of the October 27, 2001 show at the Paradox

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I can't seem to get this uploaded to Google Video, maybe because it's Divx or maybe because it's over 2 and a half hours long. But if you've got a bittorrent client, you can download it from my tracker. I didn't do any editing, so this is just a straight dump from the three digital8 tapes I recorded.

Here are the recording notes I made the next day:

Sony DCR-TRV110 digital8 handycam
Sound Professionals low-end binaural microphones attached to wire coathanger
Sony Hi8 MP T120 tape x 3

Bogen 3001n tripod, variously resting on the floor, a chair cushion,
and the arms and back of a chair (somewhat precarious).

Tape changes account for ~20 second gaps.

Tape 1
XX:XX - organ music, etc
00:00 - sprite lights candle
01:14 - Welcome all True Lovers (victrola)
03:26 - victrola ends
04:30 - sheet metal intro starts
06:10 - drums added
06:38 - bass added
10:35 - jason makes the stage
igga di igga di igga digga dup
13:50 - put it in, dig it out(?)
16:55 - vegetables shoveled to crowd
18:48 - "there's people waiting outside, and they're yelling stand up"
18:58 - gravedigger(?)
I see death back behind your eyes, I feel the void between your thighs
(the boat is waiting, and I don't know when I'm coming back)
22:20 - crowd stands up to let folks in
22:30 - klezmer-y instrumental (name?)
25:16 - broken cups(?)
the swingset is rusted; the picture frame's cracked
32:13 - music that tears itself apart
38:27 - against the night
43:26 - he goes down(?)
one day he's gonna find a gem so bright, it's gonna turn away
these clouds
46:48 - southern cross
52:36 - tape 1 ends

Tape 2
00:00 - tape 2 begins
01:13 - northern lights
07:40 - just drive(?)
tired grand piano gently drowns in dust
please don't tell me where we're going; just drive.
15:00 - the story of the boat
and the song went something like this:
23:04 - thriller
25:06 - does anyone out there believe in ghosts? How about werewolves?
(It's amazing what you can buy these days on the internet.)
Zombification of the horn section.
29:00 - girl on stage fails to know the words to "thriller"
29:57 - How many of you out there have a devil in you?
30:30 - devil be good
33:59 - goodbye forever once again
42:20 - avocado mushroom devil trap
48:40 - cello/bass play (free ride?)
50:00 - winter
54:58 - tape 2 ends

Tape 3
00:00 - tape 3 begins
00:03 - summer train song(?)
I know that you've been tired, I hear your voice is wearing thin
(This train only runs in summertime.)
05:18 - dance while the sky crashes down
09:47 - sky crashes down
10:40 - beginning of extended smurf riff
18:11 - drinking song
When the glass is full, drink up, drink up.
25:00 - handing out of shakers
25:47 - H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N spells Halloween
27:13 - halloween
Do you hear that sound beneath the rustling autumn leaves?
31:58 - lights out
32:30 - last song
40:25 - got your jackets on?
40:41 - jason hops off stage, crowd starts filing out

and from there on, it's all pretty shaky

~59:00 - battery runs out

Happy Halloween!
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